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The water system of the homes works via a complex system of gravity and pressure. To keep things flowing smoothly, you need a thorough understanding of the entire plumbing system.

Professional plumbing service providers have all the necessary equipment, tools, and experience to repair and replace fixtures as needed around the house.

Key Valley Plumbers provides toilet repair, leak detection, shower works, drainage troubles, repiping, water heater repair, and more around the Pasadena region. With over 15 years of experience, our expert plumbers have dealt with plumbing emergencies, installations, sewer backing issues, and broken pipes and strive to provide the best solutions for all clients.

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Facts About Plumbing Services

Usually, the word plumbing only comes to mind in cases of bursting pipelines and flooded bathrooms at home.However, the truth is that we all need routine plumbing services to maintain our systems.

Here are some key information highlighting the importance of periodic maintenance of your home’s pipelines and the entire plumbing domain.

Growing Market
The plumbing fixtures market has been growing since the day it started. It is projected to grow further and hit $121.9 billion by 2025.

Water Consumption
An average US family, i.e., four people in a house, uses about 400 gallons of water every day! So even though we don’t realize it, we need to have a reliable plumbing system in our homes throughout the year.

Toilet Time
An average person spends 92 days sitting on the toilet seat doing business. Thus, you need a comfortable setting and working pipelines in your bathroom!

Water Prices
In the US, the water consumption pattern and usage varies by region and state. Prices are lower in certain states like Phoenix, and residential areas like Boston get water supply at higher rates.

Small Leaks, Big Problems
Even a small leak can cause a waste of up to 90 gallons of water a day. That translates to a waste of 10,000 gallons a year! So taking care of these leakages can save up to 10% on your bills.

Residential Leak Repair and Leak Detection

When we think about building damage, things like fires, earthquakes, and other calamities come to mind. However, water leaks are the more common cause of building damage and structural weakening.

It doesn’t even take a big leak to cause damage. It may be due to a broken pipe, a clogged drain, failed water heater, loose fixtures, and other fittings.

All these problems in isolation or together can threaten your entire building’s structure. The key to avoiding all future trouble is early detection and intervention.

That’s why you need a reliable and experienced plumbing service company that can detect all these leaks. The earlier the detection, the earlier the treatment follows and protects your home from plumbing emergencies.

While advanced equipment is available in the markets today for leak detection, detecting leaks also depends greatly on experience.

Experienced residential plumbers know which areas to check for hidden leaks; they know the probable causes of the leaks and provide lasting solutions.

Residential Toilet Repair

Toilets leaks and damage are among the most common fixture problems people encounter. For instance, there may be cracked toilets that need replacements, or clogged toilets that won’t flush. Other toilet problems include:

  • A constant hissing noise comes from the flush. It sounds as if air is constantly passing through.
  • Constant running water even after flushing; i.e., your toilet constantly loses water.
  • Leaks around the base of the toilet
  • Low water level in the toilet bowl
  • Wobbling or unstable toilet

Some of these problems may be temporarily fixed by DIY techniques, but other times you will need immediate expert attention.

Key Valley Plumbers provides all toilet repair work and replacements. If your toilet has developed cracks, we help you pick the right model for your bathroom. Call today for details.

Residential Shower Repair

Due to the frequency of usage, showers often develop problems over time. They become blocked, moldy, or develop leaks. Moldy showers, for one, are a health hazard. They can cause severe respiratory issues if not treated in time.

A reliable plumbing service can repair all these problems. Key Valley Plumbers provides all types of shower repair work.

If your shower head or other fixtures need replacements, we help you pick the most economical and quality fixtures from our trusted vendors. Call or send us an email for details.

Residential Water Heater Repair

Ever hopped in for a nice warm shower and instead got an ice-cold start to the day? Water heaters make life bliss, especially during winter. But damage to their parts can cause them to malfunction.

Instead of providing warm water, you get cold water or reduced water pressure from the pipelines.Some problems can be repaired at home, but others may require an expert hand.

Call your plumbing service ASAP if you notice leaks, lack of water pressure, or cold water. Here are some issues that could be causing the heater to malfunction.

  • No gas or power
  • Issues with the pilot light
  • Thermostat issues
  • Clogged thermocouple
  • Leaks from the water tank
  • Issues with the pressure relief valve

Residential Plumbing

The residential plumbing system is an intrinsic part of a house. The system includes a complex arrangement of pipes, fixtures, appliances, and drains. All these parts work together to provide clean and safe water at the right pressure and quantity.

You may need residential plumbing repair services to keep your water flowing smoothly and consistently through the pipes. Hence the need for experienced, professional residential plumbing services like Key Valley Plumbers. We have a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the entire plumbing system.

In addition, our plumbers are equipped and experienced in handling all kinds of plumbing repair work, replacements, and even construction work for pipeline design outlays.

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Residential Plumbing Experts in Pasadena

There are three major parts of a plumbing system: the water supply system, fixtures and appliances, and the drainage system. The water supply system is built to provide you with a direct or indirect supply of water, while the fixtures and appliances category include sinks, showers, bathtubs, dishwashers, and water heaters. The third category, the drainage system, helps drain the water through gravity and is often connected to a septic tank or a municipal sewer line.

For a plumbing system to work properly, you need to have all three parts perfectly attached to each other and maintained in good condition. And that is only possible through plumbing service help by professional plumbers in Pasadena.

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About your Pasadena plumbing system

Residential plumbing is related to your home services and includes your sewer lines, drainage system, water lines, plumbing fixtures, and water heaters.

While it has three parts, most experts divide this plumbing system into two subsystems. One subsystem brings fresh water into your house, while the other removes wastewater.

The water that enters your Pasadena house comes with a lot of pressure. This helps the supply reach all your toilets, kitchen, and garden area.

As it leaves, the water passes through a meter. The meter reads the amount of water that you may have used.

Right next to the meter, there is usually a shut-off valve. In case of an emergency, it is vital to close this valve. This act can prevent a pipe from bursting and save your house from flooding.

You may instantly get cold water from the main line. But if you require hot water, a water heater should be installed. This machine keeps your water’s temperature as per your requirement.

Residential leak repair and leak detection

Residential plumbing has many challenges, and one of these is leak detection and its repair. This is a crucial issue as a small leak can lead to severe damage if not looked after on time. While a residential plumber in Pasadena can find the leak and repair it on time, you should also be aware of signs that must help detect this problem so that you can call for help on time.

Signs of leak detection

Here are a few signs that may help detect a leak:

  • An unnecessary increase in your water bill may indicate water leakage in your pipes.
  • If there are green grass patches in only a certain area of your garden, a pipe might be leaking beneath it.
  • Water puddles under tubs, in cabinets, showers and toilets may indicate a presence of a leaked pipe.
  • If you find a discolored wall or hear a constant dripping sound, water leakage might be the number one cause.
  • Leaded pipes often spread a musty smell. If your home smells bad, look for pipes that might be causing it.

Leak repair

As soon as you suspect these signs, call the most reputable plumbing repair services and get the leaks fixed. Expert plumbers often perform the following steps to resolve this issue.

  • They start by switching off all the water supplies.
  • Then, clean up all the water and dry the pipes in your plumbing system.
  • This is often followed by applying plumbing putty on the pipes.
  • For bigger leaks, plumbers replace the old pipes with new ones.

Residential toilet repair services in Pasadena

If you’re looking for toilet repair, you want a top-notch plumbing expert to do the job. But before you call them, you should be aware of the issue on hand.

  • A running toilet is a major problem that most people face, wasting tons of water. There could be a broken flapper or some issue with the tank causing this problem.
  • A broken toilet seat or lid can be a major problem in the future. So, before it gets worse and more expensive, get them fixed now.
  • Your toilet’s rusted bolts need to be replaced before they fall apart. Again, calling an expert plumber for this job will be a wise choice.
  • If your toilet fails to flush properly, it might have clogged pipes. In this case, urgent cleansing is necessary.

You shouldn’t ignore these problems. Instead, call a plumber as soon as possible and keep all your toilet worries at bay.

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Residential plumbing shower repair in Pasadena

Showering is a daily necessity. Unfortunately, shower issues are very common and often result from clogged shower heads or leaks in the shower pipes.

Some of the shower problems can be handled at home. However, you may require an expert’s hand for more major issues.

Here are some common plumbing issues in your shower that should be dealt with immediately:

  • Clogs in shower drains are a common problem. You can remove small clogs on your own. However, for bigger ones, call a plumber for help.
  • Inadequate pressure through your shower is also a sign of a fault in your plumbing system. A leak in the pipes might restrict the flow of water, causing a reduction in pressure.
  • Sometimes, the faucet also starts leaking. To fix it, certain rings, seals, and gaskets are required.
  • Bad smells in your shower can be due to many reasons. For instance, accumulated water in the pipes often becomes home to bacteria, causing a foul smell. There could also be other reasons, so don’t delay and let the experts figure it out for you.

Residential water heater repair

Water heaters are one of the most important machines in your home’s plumbing system. So, the inconvenience caused can’t be put into words when it fails to provide you with hot water.

Thankfully, residential plumbers are equipped to deal with all major water problems and repairs. Below we have mentioned a few in detail.

  • Leak repair: If there is water near the water heater unit, call a plumber without thinking twice. This is often caused by leaks in your water heater that can eventually flood the entire home.
  • Temperature adjustments: Sometimes, the temperature of the water is different from your liking. In that case, there is a need for a thermostat adjustment. A plumber can help you do that and save you effort.
  • Anode rod replacement: This rod helps prevent the water from eroding the tank and its walls. It is part of the water heater and needs to be replaced after some time. A plumber can help sort this issue for you.
  • Thermal expansion tank: Unfortunately, some people experience water heater leaks regularly. If that’s the case with you, we suggest you call an expert and install a thermal expansion unit with a proper pressure release system.

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